These unusual cloud patterns are often called chemtrails, vapor trails left by aircrafts dispersing chemicals. Whether these trails are part of a project to curb global warming or have some other explanation, the Maui County Council will be asked to consider an ordinance to regulate this form of pollution.

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  1. Deanie Sparks says:

    Chemtrails are more than a legitimate concern, they are the most iminent threat to all biological life forms on earth next to Nuclear Holocaust. Chemtrails are used in conjunction with HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Project) in Weather Modification programs. These weather modification programs are NOT being implicated to combat Global Climate change….Please look for a free
    community showing of the documentary films “What in the World are They Spraying,” and “Why in the World are They Spraying” on Molokai
    within the next month.

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