EDITORIAL: Four Molokai fishermen arrested while protecting our natural resources

| December 20, 2014 | 17 Comments

By Kaiawe Kalawe

There was a confrontation between Molokai men and off-island divers that led to the arrest of four Molokai men.

 Floyd Kapuni, known as Kumu. He was one of four men recently arrested for confronting off-island divers.

Floyd Kapuni, known as Kumu. He was one of four men recently arrested for confronting off-island divers.

The incident occurred in May of 2014. The Molokai men were out on the boat they saw a boat they know wasn’t from Molokai. They went to tell them to leave and things got bad.

In November 2014, the men got arrested. They were charged with two counts of robbery in the second degree, unauthorized first degree entry into a motor vessel, terroristic threatening in the first degree and harassment. But they are all released after posting $50,000 bail each. The men’s boat was taken and transported to Maui for evidence.

Kaiula Kalawe-English

Kaiula Kalawe-English

Well … all the men were trying to do was protect Molokai’s natural resources. Molokai is only so big. We don’t have big stores like off-islanders do. We get most of our food from our ocean. For off-islanders to come here and dive, taking all our fish, is like they’re coming to our house, into our refrigerator, and stealing all our food.

They say they don’t have anymore fish? That isn’t our fault. That’s their own fault. They don’t have to come here and take all our fish.

Albert Dudoit, known as Baba Dudoit.

Albert Dudoit, known as Baba Dudoit.

When Molokai people get fish, we only get what we need. And if we do get more than we need we either invite people to come over and eat some, or we give it away so we don’t waste. We save as much fish as we can so when the keiki grow up they’ll have some too.
Robin W. Dudoit

Robin W. Dudoit

Honestly, I think what the four men did was good. All they were trying to do was protect our natural resources from off-islanders who take too much. If they’d ask we would say ‘yes.’

But no … people come here and take fish and they take more than they need. Maybe if they’d preserved the fish they’d still have some on their island.

If you ask any Molokai person, they’d agree that what the four me did was a good thing.

In conclusion, what the four Molokai men did was a good thing for Molokai and its people.

Kaiawe Kalawe is an 11th grader at Molokai High School.


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  1. J. Toots Ka'ahanui says:

    United We Stand MOLOKAI …. MOLOKAI STRONG! One Island, One Goal, One Soul.

  2. sam monet says:

    Bill Aila has been paid by foreigners to ignore his roots.

  3. Frederick Fiber says:

    Thank you Molokai Fisherman!Yes this is a fight which must persist for generations to
    preserve this beautiful Island we love!
    Walter and his followers know what at stake and we need support and protect them!

  4. RT says:

    it’s reckless and irresponsible for you to put this on your website if you aren’t going to label it as an EDITORIAL or at least put a disclaimer indicating that these opinions are of the writer and not yours.

    What these thugs did was a felony and unlawful and they are going to be punished for it.

    By publishing this garbage, you’re perpetuating an unhealthy culture among the Molokai community of vicitimization, lawlessness and certainly no aloha spirit.

    Prospective jurors who read this article will only be further emboldened to throw the book at these guys if they think this garbage is indicative of the thinking on Molokai.

    Your job as a teacher is a public paid role… you should hold yourself and your website to a higher standard, for your sake and the sake of anyone else who claims to be from Molokai.


    • molokainews says:

      The article had been marked as an opinion piece. To make it even more clear, I put “Editorial” in the headline.

    • My congradulation to the four men’s the were in the right place and they were protecting a sacred place thanks again. My mother Kaipo and brother Paul will be proud of them.. My name is Rita I live in the mainland I have been following the story about my mothers family lands.. I’m in my 2nd term year in law school, I’m soo proud with the editor who followed the news since my mother passing.. I’m so angry that the last responce from a negative attitude person. He should understand that anything in Molokai is sacred to all the people who lives in Molokai has their rights to say you are trasspassing. . And for the molokai news team hats off to all of you, my friends love to read about molokai because that is where my moms family are from. . Mahalo nui to all that works so hard to keep Molokai the way it should be. . David your wordslook nnegative these thugs that you mentioned is only saving a sacred place that belongs to these people from molokai my heart goes out to them. .if for any reason you dislike what they have done you need to focus on Oahu… I am the daughter of Ruth Kaipo Naki and Yes I’m from Molokai and noone like you should write your negative comments about anyone. ..

      • Michelle &Rudy Siarot says:

        Hi Rita,

        My name is Michelle. I am engaged to Rudy Siarot, Ruth Naki’s son, and your nephew. We have been stuck in California and he wants to get his family home to Molokai. please we need help contact us at 7147001943.

  5. Frederick Fiber says:

    Molokai is in a never ending fight for its nature and way of life preservation.
    They were standing for Molokai with their life.
    This kind of image protects Molokai from big business invasion.
    It brings respect to the people of Molokai who want to protect their way of life!
    Thank you!

  6. Donna Curimao says:

    Mahalo Molokai Warriors. Keep the faith strong. We support what all 4 of you brave men did to protect your Icebox. Maui is doing the same on the Eastside. It’s time to stand!
    You all are not Rebels and hope that the media and government knows that. Stop making it false Implications.
    A’eo Molokai!!!!!

  7. Wanette Lee says:

    Hummm RT you have no clue do you? Leave Molokai alone!

  8. Braddah says:

    they act lik off island boats gonna take all the fish out the water and leave none for the locals. thats just as dumb as thinking they own the ocean and trying to preserve the land by keeping people out. they only preserving their stupidity.

    • kaiawe says:

      first of all if you want to say bad things about my writing &’ about my home island please learn how to spell correctly or at least use spell check. And second the boat that the Molokai men chased away is an o’ahu fishermen that come to Molokai and dives for hundreds of fishes. they don’t need hundreds of fishes yet they still take. Take what you need not what you want. we know we don’t own the ocean because no one does. but we just want to make sure there is still fish for the next generations to come. We’re not doing this for us but for the keiki. We teach our keiki how to live off our aina and ocean, to only take enough to feed for their family. How are we going to teach the keiki that when we have off island boats coming here and taking way more than needed ? isn’t it enough that they have no fish on o’ahu because everyone fished it all but now they want to do that to Molokai. that’s what we live off of unlike o’ahu people. They have malls, foodland, etc. so don’t be saying we’re stupid unless you know everything. (Coming from the keiki)

  9. Get Real says:

    Molokia strong is laughable. You are a part of the United States and subject to the laws of the State of Hawaii and federal government. This wasn’t strong; it was stupid. Molokai does not own the ocean or the fish which inhabit it. There is no justification for violence. If you truly want to change over fishing, join a political group and lobby for conservation. Of course, those laws will apply to everyone equally–Molokai residents included. Otherwise, keep attacking others and do your time in jail.

  10. An Angry Tutu says:

    Boarding a boat with arms is an act of piracy. If it was all about saving the fish and preserving some type of Molokai boundaries there would have been no theft of a spear gun and gear. If this had been done to the same four Molokai men by the other crew everyone would be calling for them to be hanged or at least put in jail and the keys thrown away. We are not at war with Oahu and pictures of the culprits in action that could have been published in a newspaper or in an online expose would have been as effective and less damaging. These four make the people of Molokai look violent and lawless. How can we even get anyone to see our point of view if we act like lawless pirates. What happened with the confiscated fish and lobsters. Why were the Coast Guard or game wardens not called by the Molokai group. Maybe there is no law against what the Oahu crew were doing but it could have taken a long while to sort everything out and a process to change things could have been started. Instead what you have is what is becoming the norm for this so called activist group, violence. They deserve to go to jail for acting loco.

  11. loosi says:

    I live in Washington state, I go to Molokai every year. I am proud of Molokai people. I am proud of my o’hana. Our country is so controlled, but not Molokai. They know what is right and they stand by it. They don’t just talk the talk. You make me proud! Thank you.

  12. Kim says:

    Aloha, common knowledge not to help yourself in territory of the Natives, Molokai upholds the old ways when respect was extended and behaviour isn’t conducted as though one is entitled to a resource. The state of Hawaii underwent a takeover that doesn’t mean that the Native people of Hawaii released their rights to the land and resources because a government imposed themselves. Keep on keeping on Molokai strength and honour

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