Island Air ending all Molokai service April 1

| February 19, 2014 | 12 Comments

Island Air issued a short statement yesterday saying the company will no longer fly to Molokai after April 1.

Island Air will no longer fly to Molokai after April 1.

Island Air will no longer fly to Molokai after April 1.

It was about one year ago that Larry Ellison purchased Island Air to complement his purchase of Lanai. But since the purchase, Island Air has had a difficult time delivering on-time service, with almost half of its Molokai flights arriving or departing late. Island Air has also cut back on the number of scheduled flights to Molokai.

While Island Air did not offer any explanation for the sudden termination of service, it comes on the heels of Hawaiian Airline’s announcement that it will begin service between Oahu and Molokai on March 11. ‘Ohana by Hawaiian will offer three daily flights from Molokai on its two new 48-seat ATR 42 twin turbo-prop airplanes. Lanai will receive two flights a day from ‘Ohana.

The Island Air news release did say that all Molokai-based staff will have the opportunity to transfer elsewhere within the company. Island Air has eight full-time and seven part-time employees on Molokai.

For customers with confirmed reservations to or from Molokai on April 2 or later, Island Air says it will contact them to transfer their reservations to another air carrier or to refund the ticket.


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  1. RT says:

    good riddance. their service was terrible and the cleanliness/comfort of their planes was lacking. I’m sorry for the 8 ft and 7 pt employees who are out of work, but this company provided the poorest customer service of any airline I’ve ever flown with.

    • steve says:


      i only flew da buggahs once, but it was on-time and took off and landed- i don’t expect a heckuva lot more of any airline i fly.

      • molokainews says:

        You got lucky on your one flight, Steve. Island Air has a big problem with on-time flights. Lately it’s been mechanical problems but it’s always something. And the customer service is awful.

  2. steve says:

    i confess that “once” was a few years ago (and prior to unco larry taking the keys).

    i was going to say someone should be knock, knock, knockin on ellison’s door, but teri waros’s comment at the conclusion of the civil beat article of nov. 2013 pretty much covers it.

  3. RT says:

    I stopped flying Island Air long before larry Ellison bought them. I’m talking 2 years ago… and I know plenty of folks who have complaints about them> Steve you were lucky if your flight was on time and you got service with a smile.

    Let’s hope Ohana By Hawaiian understands the importance of being on time with a smile…

  4. kalaniua ritte says:

    to me i rather be late than fall out of the sky…

    • Haole da mushman says:

      Kalamiua, perhaps your memory forgot when they plunged an entire volleyball team into the side of a mountain on a larger plane, killing a generation of molokai’ans.

      Also if you had done your research, you would learn that the experienced Guy Kawasaki, long time aloha pilot and the pilot of the makani Kai that went down is the only pilot to ditch in water in a caravan without flipping and having multiple causuties. While our beloved health director died, it was because of cardiac arythmia, not the plane crash. Do your research bro. But good on you for not mentioning that gmo was more important.

      • Haole da mushman says:

        Sorry I misspelled your name ‘nua, that’s easier and what everybody calls you anyways.

        • steve says:

          odd, i didn’t catch the part where ua mentioned any one brand name of air service.

          but why not show up and talk stink? it wouldn’t be moloka’i without it.

          • Haole Da Mushman says:

            odd, I did not know that there had been other commercial airline water ditchings in recent history, care to expand or provide any evidence?

            Another example of where anecdotes do not add up to statistics Steve…

            Care to comment or are you just showing up to Talk stink as you say…

      • kalaniua ritte says:

        do your research…thousands of safe landing against two horrible accidents ,that my man is safe….dont know if u are a man or woman hiding behind an alias,but my guess is that u a bitch

  5. steve says:

    blue hawaii and aloha come to mind, and i’m sure there are others.

    in a state where air travel functions as its interstate system, i agree

    with ua- safety is more important than 1/2 hour more on da’ beach.

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