Makani Kai Air offers special $39 online fares

| October 2, 2013 | 11 Comments

Makani Kai News Release

Makani Kai Air is offering a special $39 fare between Honolulu and Molokai as a means of introducing itself to the traveling public. The $39 fare, which is being offered for a limited time only and must be made online at, includes all fees and taxes. The airline, which began its topside Molokai service in June of this year, has up to eight daily round trip flights between Honolulu and Molokai.

Makani Air now offers $39 one-way fares when booked online at

Makani Air now offers $39 one-way fares when booked online at

“This special fare is to thank the local people who have embraced Makani Kai and helped make our entry into the market a success,” said Richard Schuman, president of Makani Kai Air. “We also want to invite people who have never flown with us to give us a try because we know that if folks knew how convenient it is to fly with us, they would use us all the time.”

Schuman pointed to the fact that Makani Kai’s location on the south ramp, “makes getting here a lot easier than fighting with the congestion inherent on the main terminal side. Parking is a snap, and because we’re relatively small, there are no lines to battle. We actually recommend people arrive just 15 minutes prior to departure. It’s pretty sweet.”

Located at 130 Iolana Place along Lagoon Drive, Makani Kai Air uses Cessna Grand Caravans for its interisland flights. The FAA 135 scheduled air carrier was established by Schuman Aviation Company, Ltd., in 2009. The parent company also operates Makani Kai Helicopters. Schuman Aviation Company, Ltd. is the only company of its type in the U.S. accredited by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. Makani Kai is also an FAA certified 145 Repair Station.

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  1. mkklolo says:

    If Makani Kai is so interested in serving Molokai, how come you have to make a toll call to Oahu to reach them…How about a toll free number guys?

    • steve says:

      bradda lolo-


      geev em!

      • mkklolo says:

        yeah! my bad…just saw the new add on the Dispatch front page. Unfortunately, had to do a toll call when I made a recent reservation and it was before the $39 price came into effect. On their web page, they are no longer claiming two free bags…just one carry on free if I read it right. Guess that was too good to last.

  2. steve says:

    btw- i like makani kai’s sense of humor- read the faq about the tsa.

  3. mkklolo says:

    Follow-up…first flight:

    Air service was great except the seat backs would not lock in the upright position. Departures ontime, arrivals safe. Can’t ask much more.

    The fancy ad in the Dispatch about their nice boarding lounge is a bait’n switch. We got comfortable there and then one of the bosses came over and asked if we would leave that side to make room for the helicopter passengers who I guess are more important to them. Excuse my sorry a** for being a low-life Molokai passenger. The seating in the other part of the lounge was uncomfortable and a television on the wall was blaring at a high volume level. We spent an uncomfortable 1 1/2 hours there waiting for our departure (mercifully early). Won’t forget it next time we book.

    • steve says:

      “air service was great…”

      i was going to ask how it went but you beat me to it!

      i’ll gladly trade all that terminal stuff for the utmost in safe transpo over the channel.

      but i’d recommend you “call the head braddah” at makani kai and register your concerns- they nevah unless someone tells um their shortcomings.

      anyone remember mid-pacific air from the late 70’s? i’m pretty sure one-ways were ~$20 back then.

      the days!

      • mkklolo says:

        If you consider seats as part of the safety package, backs that flop around from reclining to upright may be a problem…especially if the passenger behind you gets their nose too close to the backrest on take-off when that
        turbo-prop thrust shoves you back in your seat.

  4. steve says:

    yep, gives new meaning to the term ‘bus nose’!

    seriously, your concerns (both in the air and the terminal) should be made directly to mgmt.. small operations like this that are trying to break into a market succeed or fail on the small kine keed stuff.

    thanks again for the update!

    • mkklolo says:

      Seriously, I have done so via the feedback form on their web page. No response from Makani Kai. I guess they are doing so well with their helicopter business that they don’t care.

      Yeah, ‘bus nose’ from being relegated to the “back of the bus”.

      • mkklolo says:

        This afternoon, I received a very nice email response from Richard Schuman, CEO of Makani Kai and he gave me assurances that it would never happen again. His letter was a gracious reassurance and we will give them another chance on the basis of his remarks.

        • steve says:

          f### yes!

          braddah may realize that succeeding on the lonely isle requires this sort of personal connection with his passengers.

          i doubt “other” carriers’ ceos would send um.

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