New Hawaii itinerary for Un-Cruise Adventures begins and ends on Molokai

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Un-Cruise Adventures announced yesterday its new plans for its weekly Hawaiian tours on the Safari Explorer that will begin and end on Molokai between November and April.

Un-Cruise Adventures announced yesterday its new plans for its weekly Hawaiian tours on the Safari Explorer that will begin and end on Molokai between November and April.

Months of community protest against the 36-passenger Safari Explorer cruise ship gave way to compromise about six months ago. Dan Blanchard, CEO of Un-Cruise Adventures, signed an agreement in January with members of the Molokai community that allows his company to dock the Safari Explorer in Kaunakakai once a week between November and April. The agreement limits the number of visitors to 36 and requires the company to use only local vendors and businesses to support its visits.

Helping negotiate this agreement with the Aha Kiole O Molokai representatives was the Department of Land and Natural Resources and the State Department of Transportation. A series of meetings concluded in November of 2012.

Now, Un-Cruise Adventures unveiled its newest plans yesterday to make Molokai the centerpiece of its Hawaiian cruises.

Un-Cruise Adventures News Release

From November 2013 to April 2014, Un-Cruise Adventures’ 36-guest yacht Safari Explorer explores the Hawaiian islands on a new itinerary sailing one-way between Molokai and Hawaii, the Big Island or reverse. Weeklong luxury adventure cruises in Hawaii include activities and tours while exploring four islands —Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii, the Big Island.

New this season, Molokai — a quieter, less-visited island — takes center stage as the beginning or ending point for the line’s cruises. Exclusive cultural activities are included for guests on Molokai with the vessel spending an evening at dock to allow for a full day of activities and cultural immersion.

“Molokai is like stepping back in time to the Hawaii of yesteryear,” said Dan Blanchard, CEO and principal for Un-Cruise Adventures. “It’s incredibly scenic and values its culture and heritage which we’re proud to be able to share with our guests.”

Anakala Pilipo invites guests to Molokai’s historic and scenic Halawa Valley for a hike to a secluded waterfall or a relaxing day on his land “talking story,” learning the traditions of his family’s ancient taro patch and a visit to a nearby beach. In the evening, an authentic Pa’ina (feast) at the Molokai Museum and Cultural Center features local cuisine including fresh fish, poi, seaweed, Molokai sweet potatoes and other staples of the Hawaiian diet. Local musicians join in the celebration along with a kumu hula dancer.

Travelers booked by Aug. 2 for travel November 2013 through April 2014 receive a $700 per couple travel credit. Rates for the inclusive weeklong Hawaii cruise start at $3,595 per person, double occupancy. Inclusion of premium spirits, fine wines and microbrews, superb hand-crafted meals featuring local Hawaiian flavors, massage, yoga, guided tours geared toward small groups, from-yacht activities and equipment, whale and dolphin encounters, transfers, lei greeting, and port charges and taxes are all wrapped into the cruise fare.

Highlights of the Hawaiian seascapes cruise include a night snorkel with giant manta rays and snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay where Captain Cook was slain in 1779. A tour to the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center introduces guests to the history of the island. In the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary, expedition cruising allows time for searching out marine life — humpback whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine life. In Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, an afternoon is free to explore the historic town.

The yacht carries a full complement of water sports equipment for guest use and a swim step provides a convenient and safe launch pad for kayaks and paddleboards, or jumping in for a swim. Guests can be as active as they like and activities include hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sailing and skiff excursions. Expert naturalists provide interpretation on guided excursions ashore and at sea.

An experienced and attentive crew, many from the islands, provides a guest-crew ratio of 2-to-1. Charters and group bookings are available. To book or to request additional information, contact your travel agent or Un-Cruise Adventures at 888-862-8881 or


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  1. steve says:

    i hope un-cruise lives up to its assurances made and the braddahs and sistahs of moloka’i show its guests the spirit of aloha many hawaiian visitors nevah experience.

    i’d wager uncle larry next door would love to have un-cruise call lana’i home- just read the first paragraph or two at if you have any doubt.

    …that first paragraph sure sounds familiar.

  2. molokainews says:

    Interesting link, thanks Steve. We’ll all be keeping our eyes on Lanai … in fact I’m looking at it right now! Would love to get some first-hand reporting from there on the Ellison effect, maybe Robin Kaye or someone else??

  3. Mickey Mushman says:

    I rode the ferry over with the Lanai girls Basketball team soon after Larry bought Lanai.

    Had a long discussion with their coach, who also worked in as a bartender in one of the hotels.

    Everyone got a raise when he closed the deal.

    Larry funded facilities and monies to run inter-scholastic kids athletic programs, club foot ball, swimming and so forth.

    Apartments that had not seen paint in 20 years were renovated.

    On top of it, she said that he was very approachable.

    Lanai is not a financial investment for Ellison. Of course he will make money on it using his business acumen, but I daresay he has a higher purpose, a feather in his cap something that is not related to money as much as pride. He has presented a plan for a Japanese style version of energy independence using geothermal, solar to create power for sustainable farming and ranching activities.

    Personally, I think that if his team wins the America’s Cup again next year, he will bring the race here to Hawaii. The winner can take the next race wherever he wants to. There are few better places with consistent high wind as the channel between our two islands.

    • steve says:

      welcome braddah mickey!

      I kid you not that I am excited to hear how things progress, robin kaye are you listening???

      wanna know all about desal efforts because (believe it or not) you can live a lot longer without cell phone and internet service than you can without a cool glass of clean watah.

      I certainly didn’t mean to hijack the thread because un-cruise is a very important part in keeping moloka’i moloka’i and competitive for tourism kala. please don’t jump me for using the
      word as I’m not talking the typical fop waikiki kine.

  4. kalaniua ritte says:

    as long as dis fuka stay on lanai…may be he should hire all the monsanto/mycogen workers on molokai to work over there,thatway they dont have to poison their neighbors for $$$$$

    • molokainews says:

      From what I heard, Ellison is more interested in developing organic/subsistence farming on Lanai. Just have to keep fighting GMOs right here on Molokai, Ua.

    • RT says:

      your right ua, Molokai got enough ‘fukas’ with you, we no need any more.

      This is a great example of how Molokai is missing the boat (no pun intended). There are opportunities for jobs, economic development and sustainable healthy environmentally friendly/socially/culturally sensitive improvements to the island but Molokai has some ‘fukas’ who ruin it for the rest of us. Ellison is even focused on organic farming! What’s wrong with that?

      Hey Molokai Community — One bad apple can ruin the whole barrel. Time to toss out the bad apples or just out-represent them to the outside world!

      • molokainews says:

        If you feel it is necessary to take personal shots at other commenters, at least offer your real name, RT. You may have a point to make but you lower the quality and courtesy of the dialogue when you withhold your name.

      • kalaniua ritte says:

        i da fuka??,not the guys spraying thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals next to homes and schools,rt why dont you come and toss me?

  5. kalaniua ritte says:

    for the record i am for RESPONSIBLE economical developement…if economical developement is sustainable envir.friendly/socially/culturally sensitive i am all for it..if it isnt,then get the fuk outta here…name 1 time that i was against responsible economical development.
    my name is ua and i aloha molokai lol

    • steve says:

      braddah ua,

      it’s clear to many that you care about dakine and your committment to your family is not only inspirational, but it’s awesome.

      we don’t agree on a lot of s#!t, but on these 2 issues you got dis fuka in your corner.

    • Mickey Mushman says:

      I think your heart is in the right place, but you hijack most threads of comments on this site, to somehow make it against GMO.

      EVERYONE knows your stance on GMO. I attended your wife’s awesome grassroots festival. Her tone is so much different than yours, not angry and abusive, but constructive. Take a card out of her deck, and you may just find that you are better received.

      Whether it is a story about Marvin Shooting his girl in the chest (GMO is a bigger problem than Meth you said), or this cruise, which has NOTHING to do with GMO, as well, Lanai has absolutely NOTHING to do with GMO under Larry Ellison’s new plan, your comments really devalues the whole ANTI-GMO argument that you are trying to make.

      The ad hominem attacks are just icing on the cake.

      • kalaniua ritte says:

        bra,i asked for big larry to hire all the monsanto workers to work over there so they all could make $$$ a healthy responsilbe way,not the nazi way, buy poisoning for profit that they do now,we live on a small island where almost every thing is connected,oneday u will learn this.sorry but this hijacker doesnt know wat ad hominem is….may be i should ransome all the threads i hijack

        • Mickey Mushman says:

          Sorry to throw Latin around like beanbags, here you go: ‘

          ad ho·mi·nem

          adjective \(ˈ)ad-ˈhä-mə-ˌnem, -nəm\

          Definition of AD HOMINEM
          1: appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect

          2: marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made

          Origin of AD HOMINEM

          New Latin, literally, to the person
          First Known Use: 1598

  6. RT says:

    The anti-GMO movement on Molokai would do well to carefully choose who represents them to the public.

    There’s been an ongoing erosion of credibility in the movement as radical members of the community have highjacked the message and diluted its effectiveness.

    Help, Molokai!

  7. steve says:

    braddah ua-

    you show up with a thimble full of facts, and you can “toss” a crowd selling a 55 gallon barrel of bullshyt every time.

    no need for make one big body, broke your face, etc.

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