The MOM Hui on Molokai Grassroots Benefit Concert to create Molokai Community Scholarship Fund

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The MOM Hui on Molokai has organized a Grassroots Benefit Concert set for July 5. The event hopes to raise funds for a Molokai Community Scholarship Fund.

The MOM Hui on Molokai has organized a Grassroots Benefit Concert set for July 5. The event hopes to raise funds for a Molokai Community Scholarship Fund.

The MOM Hui News Release

The MOM Hui on Molokai has organized its first Grassroots Benefit Concert to help raise money for a Molokai Community Scholarship Fund. The concert on July 5, 6 p.m. at Kaunakakai Ball Park, is planned as an annual event.

As a result of this event, The Mom Hui on Molokai hopes to award scholarships to several eligible 2014 Molokai High School senior students who aspire to attend college and earn a degree in the field of health (holistic and traditional), environmental studies, or organic farming.

The MOM Hui, a grassroots group of moms on a mission, was formed to educate the community, raise awareness, and address concerns surrounding issues that harmfully affect the health and well-being of our children, families, and environment. Since the inception of The MOM Hui on Molokai, there are now MOM Hui chapters on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii island.

“We are very committed to our children and desire to see Molokai grow and flourish in a positive way,” said Mercy Ritte of The Mom Hui.

The MOM Hui also focuses on celebrating, empowering and inspiring mothers, women, and youth to make health and wellness a priority and to be actively involved in the challenges faced on our island, some of which may hinder our ability to live safe and healthy lives, according to The Mom Hui.

The MOM Hui is also supported by Hawai‘i SEED, a nonprofit organization and coalition of grassroots groups, farmers, activists, parents, teachers, and communities from five islands, who are working to educate the public about the risks posed by genetically engineered organisms (GMO) and to promote diverse, local, healthy, and ecological food and farming.

The MOM Hui has been involved with learning about and educating our community on the risks of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), including experimental seeds grown on Molokai by the Monsanto Corporation and additives found in our food supply. The group has accomplished this by hosting several informative community events (movie and a dinner nights) and peaceful, public demonstrations.

In addition to raising scholarship money, emphasis will also be placed on healthy living and organic food. If enough money is raised we hope to serve free samples of simple, healthy and organic dishes. The “cook” or “presenter” in each booth would offer their samples, display the ingredients used, provide recipe cards for convenience, and be available to share more about the dish and other pertinent health information.

The guest speakers and entertainers who will be participating and are supportive of this event include strong, inspirational mothers and women throughout Hawaii. The Mom Hui is also inviting representatives from local hospital and health clinics and traditional Hawaiian healing practitioners to join the event. They will share information relative to health and wellness and are encouraged to provide a learning activity for the children.

Above all, The MOM Hui strongly advocates for prioritizing and investing in the health of our children and encourages our community to be involved in protecting their future as a collective group. We feel this event will stimulate solidarity among our people and will greatly strengthen our community!

A goal of $5,000 was set to help cover expenses required to put this community event together. The bulk of the expenses will come from airfare and food ingredients costs. Any remaining funds will go directly toward the Molokai Community Scholarship Fund.

As of May 31, the Facebook page for the Grassroots Benefit Concert reported that it had raised $5,220, exceeding its $5,000 goal.

For those who contributed $100 or more to this fundraiser campaign, the “The MOM Hui” T-shirts may not be completed yet. Send your mailing address to:

Estimated expenses are as follows: venue rental fee, $100; venue deposit fee, $300; four stage platform cost, $15/stage and $15 deposit, $75; PA system, $350; temporary food permit fee, $25; guest speakers (from Oahu and Maui) airfare, $140 & $120 = $260; entertainers (from Hawaii, Oahu and Kauai) airfare, $330; $140×5, and $280×2 = $1,590; guest cooks (from Oahu) airfare, $280; food ingredients for the healthy sample dishes, $1,500+; portable toilet rental, $75/day x 6 = $450. Grand total for all expenses: $4,930.

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  1. Brent Norris says:

    Would like to kokua. See you at the Mana March!

  2. Zoe says:

    Is there a contact email for MOM Hui?

    I would like to be in touch. Thank you and aloha, Zoe

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