Terrible Tuesday: High winds rips off Kalamaula roof; fire in Mapulehu; power knocked out in Kalae

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High winds blew across Hawaii this week — with gusts of 60 mph reported Tuesday on Molokai — ripping 400 feet of roof covering off a Kalamaula home.

Kaunakakai fire crews responded at 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday and found a 20-by-20 foot section of torched down roof covering blown over the west facing overhang of the home. Fire personnel pulled the roof covering back onto the roof and secured it back into place for a temporary fix.

Maui County Fire Department Captain Henry Lindo said the fire crew nailed down the roof covering in case it rained. “I let the owner know that they need to call roofing contractor to do permanent fix,” said Lindo. The next day Lindo said he did see a contractor working on the roof.

“I’m surprised there were not a lot more houses (with the roof blown off),” said Lindo. No injuries or other structural damage was reported as a result of the high winds.

A couple of other incidents happened on Tuesday. Lindo said a small fire broke out by the Mapulehu bridge, about 15 miles east of Kaunakakai. He was not sure if it was wind related. The fire was under control within an hour.

In Kalae, shortly before noon on Tuesday, a vehicle accident knocked down a power pole and lines on Rudolph Place.

Apparently the vehicle hit a nearby stone wall as well as the pole, according to Kau`i Awai-Dickson, director of communications for Maui Electric Company. Fifteen customers were without power throughout the day and into the evening as crews worked to replace the pole and repair the lines.

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  1. kalaniua ritte says:

    eh dave the high winds also blew shoot bags and corn husks from monsanto fields in manila camp into joe childs yard and home.plenty rubbish..this is not the first time…check it out.

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