Holiday wishes from Friends of Lanai

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy No Big Wind on Lanai New Year!

On the first night of Christmas, Governor Abercrombie announces that Big Wind will NOT be going to Lanai or Molokai. “Ghosts of Christmas past and future have convinced me,” he said, “that we will solve our energy challenges without destroying our two most rural islands.”

A possible view of the proposed Lanai windmills.

A possible view of the proposed Lanai windmills.

On the second night of Christmas, Lanai’s new majority landowner announces that the land previously targeted for an industrial wind power plant for Oahu will be turned over to a consortium of nonprofits to manage as a cultural and educational preserve, with an established endowment.

On the third night of Christmas, the Public Utilities Commission announces its new policy for 2013: complete transparency of information relevant to public policy issues. “No more secret documents that hide the State’s energy policies,” said PUC spokesperson Kringle.

On the fourth night of Christmas, the ILWU announces that its theme for 2013 will be to work for their members, not their bosses. No longer will they fight to enhance corporate greed, but instead, will work to preserve the economic lifeblood of their members with a long-term perspective, focused on re-training programs.

On the fifth night of Christmas, the Federal Department of Energy announces that the recent statewide PEIS testimony unequivocally convinced them that there should NOT be any undersea transmission cable to Lanai and/or Molokai. “Other ways to secure Oahu’s fossil fuel dependence can be found that do not harm those two very special, fragile islands,” said the DOE spokesperson.

On the sixth night of Christmas, the County of Maui, in partnership with a major national long-term healthcare provider, announced plans to build a community hospice and long-term care facility on Lanai, enabling residents to live out their last days on their home island.

On the seventh night of Christmas, a consortium of Hawaii’s major statewide nonprofit organizations announced their collective, overwhelming opposition to Big Wind on Lanai and Molokai. Groups including The Nature Conservancy (which has a project directly in the path of Big Wind), Sierra Club and Blue Planet said that they, “… now recognize that the extraordinarily expensive, irreparably destructive Big Wind on Lanai and Molokai was really just about enriching one already rich mainland real estate developer. Better solutions exist to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.” Instead, these organizations pledged to work with Larry Ellison in efforts to make Lanai a world-class model of energy self-sufficiency.

On the eighth night of Christmas, the Legislature announces its intention to revisit the Renewable Portfolio Standards and the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative, acknowledging that these standards have unfortunately driven HECO and our energy policymakers to a one-big-project solution approach. “Turning Lanai and Molokai into industrial parks for Oahu is not how we should meet these goals,” said the Legislature’s spokesperson. “Better we turn Oahu’s air conditioners down 3 degrees.”

On the ninth night of Christmas, Larry Ellison announces plans to make Lanai completely energy and food self-sufficient. Seeking proposals from around the world, the new majority landowner announces: “Lanai will be a world-class model of sustainability. Surrounded by water and enriched with a creative and industrious population, together we can show the world how to do this.”

On the tenth night of Christmas, Governor Abercrombie announces that rather than seek a replacement for Senator Inouye from the “same old, same old,” he would reach out to our younger generation of leaders by appointing Kanohowailuku Helm of Molokai to complete Senator Inouye’s term.

On the eleventh night of Christmas, Friends of Lanai says farewell to Big Wind on Lanai!

And on the twelfth night of Christmas, the world is at peace …

Happy Holidays to All from Friends of Lanai!

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