Bio-Logical Capital names new VP of Hawaii operations

| August 9, 2012 | 5 Comments

Bio-logical Capital, the company involved in bringing a Big Wind project to Molokai, has announced a new senior vice president.

Guy Kaulukukui

Guy H. Kaulukukui, the recent deputy director of the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, has been named to head the company’s land investments in Hawaii, reported the Pacific Business News.

According to the report, Kaulukukui will be in charge of the Colorado-based company’s Hawaii operations “and be responsible for implementing Bio-Logical Capital’s vision to make long-term investments in projects that heal land, help people, and generate revenue in Hawaii,” the company said.

This is the second new top executive that Bio-Logical Capital has added this year. In early 2012, Keiki-Pua Dancil, Ph.D. was named vice president of Hawaii operations. It is unclear if Dancil has been replaced or has just adjusted her role. She was in charge of overseeing Bio-Logical Capital’s activities and investments in the islands.

Bio-Logical partnered with developer Pattern Energy earlier in 2011 to form Molokai Renewables, LLC and pursue a wind turbine project on Molokai and undersea transmission cable to Oahu. According to a Department of Energy study, the high-voltage undersea cable interconnection project will cost $16 billion to complete, most of which is projected to come from the private sector.

Bio-logical Capital recently said it is interested in acquiring Hana Ranch on Maui as part of its long-term investment goals for Hawaii.

Kaulukukui has also previously worked at The Kohala Center in Waimea on the Big Island, and served as chief of staff and senior advisor for former Honolulu Councilman Todd Apo.

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  1. mkklolo says:

    So now they add a liar with a name that has a lot of “k”s in it…is that supposed to make us believe they are really interested to “to make long-term investments in projects that heal land”? They are going to help some people alright…some of their big investors and their execs like this guy…to all the revenue they can bilk out of Hawaii. Bio-Logical Capital: the only green is the money.

  2. Lisa Jacobs says:

    Actually it seems they went from one K name liar to one with more K’s. I read the page above It doesn’t give much info, but that work history is a bit short per place huh?

  3. imua molokai says:

    Looks like someone isn’t at Bio-Logical Capital huh? I wonder why that is?
    Maybe they checked her references at or read the rather informative article on the Hana Ranch Project?–Plans-for-Hana-are-cause-for-concern.html

  4. Lisa Jacobs says:

    What in the world does–Plans-for-Hana-are-cause-for-concern.htm have to do with Keiki-Pua Dancil? I don’t get it?

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