High school students receive scholarship awards

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Some of the 2012 Molokai High School scholarship recipients, from left: Kailen Inouye, Charisse Manley, Mikayla Pico, Moriah Jenkins, Leenell Hernandez and school counselor Matt Helm.

Scholarship awards received by Molokai High School students were announced today.

Alberty Y. Inaba Academic Scholarship, $2,000: Moriah Jenkins and Charisse Manley.

Alberty Y. Inaba Vocational Technical Scholarship, $1,000: James Corpuz.

Army College Fund & The Montgomery G.I. Bill $52,000: Ceejay Ilaban.

Axa Achievement Community Scholarship $2,000: Charisse Manley.

Diamond Resort Scholarships $1,000: Kate Espejo and Charisse Manley.

Duke Kahanamoku Foundation Scholarship $2,000: Leenell Hernandez.

Foodland’s Shop For Higher Education Scholarship $2,000: Charisse Manley.

Friendly Market Center: Language Arts Department $1,000 — Charisse Manley; Math $1,000 — Haley Simon; Vocational Technology (CTE) $1,000 — Kayla Matson.

Friends of Molokai High and Middle Schools Foundation, Walter Meyer Jr. Scholarship $1,000 — Female: Charisse Manley, Male: James Corpuz. Yola Meyer Forbes $1,000 — Charisse Manley.

Hawaii Association For Health, Physical Education, Recreation And Dance (Hahperd) Scholarship $750: Mikayla Pico.

Herbert And Ollie Brook $1,000: Leenell Hernandez.

Ho’olehua Homesteaders Association: Leenell Hernandez – $100; Natalia Levi – $100; Mikayla Pico – $1,000.

Hotel Molokai $500: Leenell Hernandez and Moriah Jenkins.

Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching $2,500: Kate Espejo, Leenell Hernandez, Charisse Manley, Chelsea Simon.

Josh Jerman Maui Nui Scholarship $1,000: Mikayla Pico.

HMSA Kaimana Award $3,000: Charisse Manley.

Mamoru & Aiko Takitani Foundation $1,000: Charisse Manley.

Mike Sakamoto Memorial Scholarship $1,000: Mikayla Pico.

Molokai Community Federal Credit Union $1,000: Leenell Hernandez and Charisse Manley.

Molokai Filipino Community Council Scholarship $500: Kate Sandy Espejo, Nika Mendija, Mikayla Pico.

Molokai Lions Club Service Award $500: Moriah Jenkins and Charisse Manley.

Molokai Whippas $1,000: Kailen Inouye.

Paul and Linda McCartney Scholarship $750: Moriah Jenkins.

Realtors Association Of Maui, Inc. Presidential Scholarship (RAM) $1,000: Leenell Hernandez, Charisse Manley, Mikayla Pico.

Rotary Club Of Lahaina: Leenell Hernandez – $500; Charisse Manley – $2,000; Mikayla Pico – $500.

Star Advertiser Citizenship Award $1,000: Charisse Manley.

Azuza University $8,000 Presidential Scholarship: Charisse Manley.

Grand Canyon University Faculty Scholarship: Nika Mendija $4,000

Presidential Scholarship: Chelsea Simon, $10,000.

Iowa State University $20,000 yearly (four years) Academic Tuition: Moriah Jenkins.

North Idaho College Athletic Scholarship Women’s Volleyball: Leenell Hernandez.

South Western Oregon Community College Athletic Scholarship Women’s Wrestling: Mikayla Pico.

Harvard Book Award: Michael Kikukawa (Junior).

Monsanto Hawaii Life Sciences Scholarship: Moriah Jenkins $1,000; Mikayla Pico $500.

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