Kanemitsu Bakery hit with large fine for unsanitary conditions

| May 7, 2012 | 13 Comments

Kanemitsu Bakery, one of the oldest and most well established businesses on Molokai, received a $90,000 fine today from the state Department of Health for operating in unsanitary conditions.

Kanemitsu Bakery & Coffee Shop, 79 Ala Malama St.

A release issued by the DOH said that the violations occurred March 7-8. Apparently, no illnesses related to food from the bakery have been reported.

On March 7, an inspection uncovered, “serious deficiencies in the maintenance and manufacturing practices at the facility,” including improper cleaning and sanitizing of cooking implements and surfaces, inadequate rodent control, lack of hot water and general unsanitary conditions, the Health Department said.

Late night visits for hot bread is a favorite Molokai destination.

The large fine was a result of the bakery failing to stop all sales and product distribution until the deficiencies were fixed, as ordered. The bakery has now corrected its major violations and has been allowed to resume business while fixing the remaining deficiencies and developing a plan to prevent future violations.

This is not the first time Kanemitsu has been fined for unsanitary conditions. A similar DOH action against the bakery took place in 2000.

The 80-year old bakery is famous for serving late night hot bread, split open and slathered with jelly, cream cheese, butter, cinnamon or sugar and sold in the alley behind the business on Ala Malama Avenue in Kaunakakai.

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  1. Safety and clean food establishment is very important, Mahalo, Dept of Health for looking out for the community.

  2. mkklolo says:

    The last time I was in there (years ago), the person behind the counter was fighting the flies inside the display case for my apple turnover…euchh! Not sure who won.

  3. kalaniua ritte says:

    how many JOBS will this cost us..

    • I do not believe any employee will lose their job,management is responsible, but the bakery also got fine back in 2000. So it is a recurring incident. Its true about the flies in the donut case, we all seen it. I hope the bakery will clean up it act. It is not that hard to be clean and safe for the public consumption of their products.

  4. jo says:

    Sorry to hear about the fine. It was unsafe and they were told not to resume sales until DOH came back. A disregard for the law cannot be ignored, even by a favorite establishment.
    Thank You DOH.
    Kanemitsu, we’ll be back; hope you learned from this and the flies & mice are gone. 🙂

  5. Steve Morgan says:

    Obviously Kanemitsu Bakery needs to adhere to Health Laws and some sort of fine was in order, but $90,000? I am sure that a $10,000 fine would have accomplished the same purpose without putting the business in jeopardy. This demonstrates the obvious disconnect between government and the real costs that private businesses assume.

  6. Hawaiiangirl says:

    Maybe now the DOH can start looking at other businesses, especially restrooms. Some are down right filthy. I go to Gov’t bldg. The Bakery knew the law and decided to flaunt it. Good for DOH.

  7. steve says:

    and here i thought that stuff floating around in my morning coffee from there was part of the ambiance.

    who knew?

  8. Mkk says:

    no ones knows the truth…kathleen is making it seem more worse den it is

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