No suspects in senseless livestock killings at Kalae ranch

| February 16, 2012 | 14 Comments

Police are looking for suspects in the recent killing of several horses and cows on a Kalae ranch.

On their 1,000-acre pasture near Meyer Lake, Richard and Roxanne French found a horse and three cows shot dead in December.

A horse near Molokai's north shore. It is not known if this horse was one of those shot on the French's ranch last week or in December.

The tragedy got worse last week. While surveying the pasture, Richard French found another horse and a cow shot. When police were called, another pregnant mare was found shot in the stomach. An additional cow was shot as well. The mare is clinging to life while the other animals died.

Police are reporting the losses in excess of $90,000 for the quarter, palomino and sorrel horses, plus heads of cattle.

The ranch now only has one horse left to herd the 150 cattle.

“Police are investigating these incidents. At this time we have no suspects,” said Maui County Police spokesperson Lt. Wayne Ibarra. “Anyone with information should contact the Molokai Police Department (808-553-5355) or Maui County Crimestoppers (808-242-6966).”

The family has set up a reward account at Bank of Hawaii under the “Innocent Livestock” fund.

The Humane Society of the United States is also likely to add a $2,500 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction.

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  1. b says:

    Hope the perpetrator has a long and painfully agonizing death. I really do .

  2. What is happenning to OUR island. All this senseless killings of animals. No respect for the AINA and the life that lives on it. Also trespasses on another Hawaiian families property. Very sad, who ever did this should be caught by the community because these people have no respect for themselves and others and they could be trespassing on your property next.

    This cruelty to animals needs to stop. What is the Molokai Humane Society doing about this issue and other issues concerning cruelty of animals on this island?

  3. kalaniua ritte says:

    it was someone young… if you want to find them just go to the high school and ask the students..young people always brag

    • steve says:

      thank you for confirming my first thought upon reading of this senseless act.

      hopefully it’s also “young people” who kick this lolo’s okole- they tend to listen to their peers better than adults.

  4. naturelover says:

    I’ve often admired those magnificent horses that seem so free. Who ever did that was raised in a very brutal environment. Obviously…

    Sort of reflects life on Molokai. Unfortunately there is a culture of ignorance, hate and brutality here. I’ve seen it for a long time. If you don’t like cruise ships, break the law and shut them down. The list goes on and on… When you live by the sword you die by the sword.

    • kalaniua ritte says:

      naturelover…do you ever fight to save the nature you love…or do you stand aside and watch it die because a law says its ok….

      • naturelover says:

        Just to let you know I have donated on a regular basis to the NRDC since 1995. Now they are the ones that are in the trenches. If you aren’t familiar with the National Resources Defense Council look it up cause they are the premier environmental organization. With what little money I have have always donated. And yes, their lawyers work tirelessly for the defense of our environment within the framework of the law.

      • kalaniua ritte says:

        nrdc aint in the trenches here…

  5. MolokaiMade says:

    do you know you live in a civilized country (THE USA) where we have laws that people are obligated to follow, even if they don’t like them?

    If you don’t like a law, you have the right to try to change it. You do not have the right to pretend it doesn’t exist or doesn’t apply to you.

    No one is above the law. not even you brah.

    • molokainews says:

      The above comment was edited to remove personal name calling. That’s not what this blog is about … DL

    • kalaniua ritte says:

      too bad they no more one law that make people use there real names when they blog….make people responsilbe for what they say….dave you dont have to edit out things when people call me names here in your blog cause i know that these people would never say these things to my face….but if it makes them feel good please keep it coming i luv a good laugh

      • steve says:


        allow me to make a little joke here-

        asking someone if they “like beef” amidst a story pertaining to some defenseless cows being gunned down is kind of ironic, don’t you agree?

        can we get back to finding the perp now?

  6. kalaniua ritte says:

    just having fun ….no beef intended…just wish people wouldnt be scared to stand by what the say or write..have a good one steve(morgan im guessing) and aloha to you and your fam

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