Molokai Dispatch ends bulk mail service

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The Molokai Dispatch, Molokai’s only newspaper, will no longer be delivered to every mailbox on the island free of charge.

Molokai's only newspaper ended its bulk mail service this week. Image courtesy of

This week’s issue, dated Dec. 14, marks the last time the weekly newspaper will be sent out by bulk mail. Instead, the paper will be distributed twice a week at various drop spots around the island.

According to Dispatch owner Todd Yamashita, it costs $45,000 a year to offer the bulk mail service. While that cost was offset by insert advertising by such advertisers as the Molokai Education Center, Ace Hardware, Napa, Kmart and others, “it has been a money-losing practice,” Yamashita wrote.

“Given these challenges and the current economic down-turn of our market, we will no longer be able to afford bulk mailing to on-island mail boxes of The Molokai Dispatch,” he added.

By ending the bulk mail service, The Dispatch will be able to continue to be offered free of charge while also doubling its distribution island-wide. The paper will be dropped on Wednesdays and Fridays at over 40 businesses and stops across Molokai.

For those who wish to continue receiving The Molokai Dispatch in their mailbox, the annual subscription rate is $44 on Molokai. For off-island customers the cost is $70.

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  1. mkklolo says:

    The current publisher should have paid more attention to the business model of his predecessors who made it pay in thin years and thick. It means less paid help and harder work and longer hours for Mom and Pop. He’s now in line with the M.A.N. and the Molokai Island Times to go down the tubes as pick-up papers tend to here.

  2. steve says:

    advertising is a function of competition.

    since there’s not much of that on island, i am surprised todd could hang on to that postage expense for this long.

    i suggested to him he end p.o. box delivery 4 years ago to the month.

    by another measure that’s $180k ago.

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