Hawaiian language greeting launched at Molokai Airport

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Hawaii Tourism Authority News Release

Visitors and kama’aina passing through Molokai Airport will now be welcomed by a Hawaiian language greeting. The greeting at Molokai Airport, which was launched earlier this month, is a part of the HTA’s statewide Hawaiian Language Airport Greeting Program to integrate the Hawaiian language into the visitor experience.

To personalize the airport greeting, Molokai resident Kaala-Fay Camara recorded the message:
E na makamaka kipa mai i ke Kahua Mokulele O Molokai, o ka heke o ke aloha ia oukou! E na hoa e haalele ana, mahalo keia kipa ana i ka aina hanau o Hina. No na kamaaina no hoi, e hele a hoi palekana mai no. A ia oukou e malihini me na kupa aina pu i hoea mai nei, ke aloha o nei aina ia oukou a pau!

Welcome to Molokai Airport. To our departing kama’aina, travel safely and come back soon. If you’ve just returned, welcome home. And to our visitors, we hope you enjoy your stay and come back to visit again. Ke aloha!
To hear the airport greeting, click here.

The Hawaiian Language Greeting Program was launched at Honolulu International Airport in February. Hilo, Kona, Maui and Kauai International airports are expected to launch greetings in the coming months. Local residents from each island will record the messages for their respective airport.

The HTA is pleased to support projects that honor the Hawaiian culture and recognize that it is Hawaii’s people, place and culture that sets us apart from other destinations in the world. To learn more about the HTA’s Hawaiian Cultural Initiatives, please click here.

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  1. mkklolo says:

    It hardly matters. English or Hawaiian, it is impossible to understand what is going out over the PA system at the airport due to the miserable sound system and difficult acoustics. I have nearly missed flights because of the terrible announcing system. HTA should drop a dime on improving the intelligibility of the system if they want this to mean anything. Clearly DOT doesn’t care.

    • S Morgan says:

      Although translating from Hawaiian to English is a little challenging, a little closer English translation of this greeting would probably go like this-

      “To our visiting friends in the airport of Molokai. A very best aloha to all of you. To the friends that are flying, mahalo for visiting the birthplace of Hina. For the Kama’aina, go and return in safety. To all of you malahini, go to the places you are from taking with you all of the aloha of these lands.”

      • S Morgan says:

        Correction-actually instead of birthplace of Hina “born of Hina” would be more correct as Mololai is referred to as the child of Hina.

      • steve says:

        “to all of you malahini- go to the places you are from taking with you all of the aloha of these lands”… but please leave all your kala here 🙂


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