Ko Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai Summer Surf meet holds second event

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This 6-and-under surfing competitor made it look easy at Waialua on Saturday.

That thrill of catching your first wave could be seen on the faces of some of the competitors on Saturday at the second Ko Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai Summer Surf meet of the season.

For other keiki surfers, this was just another day at the beach. The more experienced keiki could be seen walking their boards, going switch foot and even carving the small yet consistent surf at Waialua Beach 19 miles east.

Those keiki in the 9-and-10-year old division and younger were helped into the wave with a little push start from parents and volunteers. Those in the 11-and-12 age group paddled in themselves.

These two surfers in the 11-and-12-year old division take off on the same wave.

The ‘ohana from Waialua open up the neighborhood for the keiki surfers each year for the event. This is the 22nd year of the event sponsored by the local groups Ko Molokai Keiki O Ke Kai and the Friendly Isle United Fund.

The first event in the summer series was held two weeks ago. The final event will be July 9. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. with the meet starting at 10 a.m. An awards ceremony and potluck pa’ina will be held afterward.

Here are the complete results of the first two events:

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