Gas hits highest price ever on Molokai

| April 21, 2011 | 2 Comments

The price of gas spiked on Molokai and across the country this week.

With rates climbing above the $5 mark this week, Molokai now faces the highest gas prices it has ever seen.

As of Tuesday, the price for regular unleaded shot up 35 cents to $5.16 a gallon at Rawlins Chevron as well as Hayaku Go, Molokai’s only two gas stations.

Before the jump, gas prices at the Kaunakakai stations had been $4.81 a gallon for regular since April 5. For premium gas the cost is now $5.24 a gallon.

While the higher prices caught people’s attention, it is still not the highest in the state. In Hana, customers pay $5.98 a gallon for regular and $6.19 a gallon for premium.

Hawaii continues to have the most expensive gas in the country while Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, New York and the District of Columbia have average prices that also passed the $4 mark.
Indiana, Michigan, Nevada and Washington state are within 10 cents from reaching $4.

Across Hawaii, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in Hawaii hit $4.51 a gallon, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

One reader of The Molokai News, Bob Soares, suggested that people look into fitting their bicycles with small engines.

“For approximately $135 per kit, you can convert old bicycles to serious cheap transportation on Molokai,” wrote Soares. “I’m talking 100 miles a gallon. Smart mechanical people can even invent tricycles to carry passengers. Paved roads not necessary.

“Here on the mainland, no license needed … This could be a new fad on Molokai. Don’t let the rising cost of gasoline cut into your paycheck.”

To find out more about the 80cc bike engine kit, check out this Youtube video:

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  1. rdthomas1999 says:

    The president says the Justice Department will try to “root out” cases of fraud or manipulation in oil markets. Good luck. These oil speculators are located worldwide and Justice will find nothing that they can prosecute successfully. Bag this idea along with the “war on drugs” and save our tax money.

  2. steve says:

    just filled up in michigan for $3.79 gal.

    but the weather sucks 🙂

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