Molokai 104 Roi Tournament planned for next Saturday

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Peacock groupers, known in Hawaii as roi, will be the target in a local fishing tournament to reduce the population of this invasive species.

The peacock grouper fish, or roi, is an invasive species that damages our reefs. Help protect Molokai’s fragile fringed reef by joining in the Molokai 104 Roi Tournament on March 26.

The object of the tournament is to spear as many roi as possible. Entry into the tournament is free and organized into six-man boat teams. The tournament will use the traditional Hawaiian fishing method, which involves free diving and spearing of fish.

The roi contains a toxin that, when consumed, can cause extreme sickness. The roi also began eating many of Hawaii’s reef fish. A roi can consume 150 fish annually and its lifespan is approximately 13 years.

The tournament offers an opportunity to learn more about roi and other invasive fish species. Afterwards there will be free music and a pa’ina.

The tournament begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday, March 26, and continues until noon at the Kaunakakai Yacht Club.

A Molokai roi tournament held in December of 2009 as a fundraiser for Molokai High School speared 392 total fish. Kumu Spencer-Misaki organized the event as part of his senior project at the high school, which earned $1,622 for the athletic department.

In August of 2010, Maui County sponsored the Roi Roundup tournament that caught 271 invasive fish. First place in that tournament went to Dean Kawamura and Bryan Nakamoto for spearing 31 fish.

Applications for next week’s tournament can be found at Misaki’s, Mana’e Goods and Grindz at the Molokai Community Services Council in Kaunakakai.

For more information, contact Bill Castor, Black Dudoit, Kevin Misaki, Walter Naki or Walter Ritte.

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