Police safely slow down out of control car entering Kaunakakai

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By Brandon Roberts

Out of control and with a mind of its own, a 1993 Honda Civic sped toward Kaunakakai with the driver helpless to slow the vehicle.

Gaig Yap began Dec. 18 in the most normal of fashions, picking up the mail in Kualapu`u in his sister’s car. On his return to town, the car became possessed, not allowing Yap to slow or shut off the speeding white mass.

After making an extreme g-force left turn onto Highway 460, Yap called 911 just before 10 a.m. Dec. 18 near the landfill.

“My car doesn’t want to turn off … And my brakes doesn’t want to … my car doesn’t want to stop,” exclaimed Yap into his cell phone to dispatcher Chris Neuhart.

After several failed attempts to slow the Civic and put it in neutral, Neuhart radioed nearby police units. Responding were officers Ikaika (Kyle) Bishaw-Juario, Stafford Caparida and Sergeant Randy Esperanza.

As Yap approached town the panic rose in his voice like the needle on his speedometer.

“I can’t stop. I’m losing control. My car is swerving,” he said while trapped inside at speeds up to 80 mph.

With clutch in, brakes applied and key out of the ignition, the only thing that slowed the potential disaster was the patrol car of Bishaw-Juario who pulled in front of Yap.

“I’m going to bang this cop. I can’t stop,” Yap said as Bishaw-Juario applied the brakes allowing the Honda to collide into the rear of the patrol car and eventually bringing him to a stop near Paddlers’ Inn.

The end of the 911 call has Neuhart repeatedly asking “hello” as cries rise up. The cries came from Yap’s ohana who happened to be in town and were there as the cars came to a stop. And in a twist that is pure Molokai, it was ohana that also brought the car to rest as Yap and Bishaw-Juario are also cousins.

Luckily no one was injured as the scene could have been extremely potent with the Molokai Saturday Market in full swing and pedestrians and parked cars abound. The damage was minimal to both vehicles. As to the possessed Honda, the cause is yet unknown.

To hear the complete 911 call, click this link.

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  1. Precious says:

    Theres a typo with the name….its Stafford Caparida

    • molokainews says:

      Thank you for noticing the typo, Precious. Correction has been made. Your support of The Molokai News is appreciated, Mahalo!

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