Don’t mess with Maui County: Huge fines levied for non-permitted work

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The following press release relates to county code violations in Haiku and Paia, Maui. Although they do not directly impact Molokai, I believe Molokai residents who attempt to do work on their properties without the proper permits (especially in Special Management Areas) need to be aware that Maui County will pursue legal action.

— David Lichtenstein

January 26, 2010
Press Release from Maui County Newsroom


Building Without Permits in Violation of County Code Costly for
Property Owners

WAILUKU, Maui, Hawaii—The County of Maui has received payments
totaling more than $19,000 as a result of settlements of two cases
brought against property owners who were cited by the County’s
Department of Public Works for failure to obtain building and other
required permits prior to commencing work on their property in violation
of the Maui County Code.

Defendant Michael Malek paid $10,000 in fines to settle the County of
Maui’s claims filed against him in the Second Circuit Court case,
County of Maui v. Michael Malek, for doing grading work, plumbing work,
constructing a rock wall and building a barn on his Haiku property
without obtaining the necessary permits.

Seashore Properties LLC, owner of the property on which the Paia Inn
Hotel, Paia, Maui is located, paid $9,160 to resolve three disputed
Notices of Violation issued to it by County building inspectors. The
Notices alleged that Seashore had performed work on the property without
first obtaining required building permits. Seashore denied these
allegations, filing appeals of the Notices with the Board of Variances
and Appeals. The appeals have been dismissed.

In addition to these payments, both property owners had to obtain the
required permits, paying an additional penalty amount for the issuance
of the after-the-fact permits as provided for by the Maui County Code.

The County was represented in these enforcement cases by Deputy
Corporation Counsel Mary Blaine Johnston. Malek and Seashore Properties
were each represented by private attorneys.

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  1. maui stu says: Incredible! sounds all so familiar, same Mary Blair Jonhston, same court, same judge? except my fines are for $382,168.44

  2. maui stu says:

    Incredible! sounds all so familiar, same Mary Blair Jonhston, same court, same judge? except my fines are for $382,168.44

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